The Elizabeth Kill @ Molly Malones

The Elizabeth Kill holds a special place in my heart. I first met the lead singer, Sarah, when I started working on her account at work. In addition to promoting the bands music and tour, were promoting her jewelry line (also the merch line for the band). I met up with her at a fair where she was selling her pieces and quickly bonded over our passion for jewelry creation and her music (DUH!). In addition to being amazingly talented musically and creatively, she is one badass lady!! Over the past couple years she became extremely ill and has nearly died twice. But she hasn’t let that stop her life and what she loves most. You can see her recount one of her near death experiences here.

Molly Malones in LA has been the the main haunt for alternative rock band The Elizabeth Kill over the years so I was very excited to get to see them play there finally!After seeing about 5+ of their shows, one of the highest compliments I can give the band is they put on some of the most exciting live performances I’ve ever seen. The energy is palpable. A quick shot I got from their Molly Malones gig:



Here’s just a taste of what they sound like with “Fighting 4U” which is personal favorite of mine


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