Springtime Carnivore ft. Katy Goodman @ Resident DTLA-July 7, 2016

Springtime Carnivore… where to begin. This band is one of many from singer/ pianist/ guitarist Greta Morgan. I’ve been following Greta’s career since I was 11. She first broke into the scene with The Hush Sound circa 2005 on Fueled By Ramen records; they put out 3 records and 1 EP. After that she went on to create the band Gold Motel that released 2 albums and is now currently touring and recording as Springtime Carnivore. Her debut album was self titled and she has just released her follow up “Midnight Room” this October. I like to describe their sound as dark-ish, lo-fi dream pop influenced by a multitude of decades of music. Here’s a snippet of my favorite song from them, “Keep Confessing” from their performance at Resident DTLA.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see her perform live with all of these bands a few times. This particular show was my 2nd time seeing her as Springtime Carnivore. It was a quite a treat because her best friend and collaborator Katy Goodman (Vivivan Girls, La Sera) was playing in the band that night. Greta and Katy worked on their own project of punk covers titled “Take It, It’s Yours” that was just released a couple months ago. So in addition to hearing tracks from Springtime Carnivores first album and sneak peaks of her then upcoming record “Midnight Room”, we got to hear Greta & Katy play their covers. I recorded their whole cover of “Ever Fallen In Love” cover from The Buzzcocks (so close I was practically on the stage!)

Resident in Downtown Los Angeles is a super chill venue because the stage is set up right next to the bar so there is no bad view. Since Greta is literally my favorite musician of all time, it was exciting to yet again chit chat with her after the show and get a picture. She really wanted to make sure we got her favorite Woody Allen t-shirt in the frame!


Springtime Carnivore and La Sera are currently on their Fall 2016 Tour, check out their dates and pick up and album!


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