Ty Segall secret show @ The Griffin Bar

This was most definitely a spur of the moment show. The Griffin, a bar on Los Feliz in Atwater Village, throw secret shows that they will announce day of only a few hours before it’s supposed to happen. Any of you that live in the area should follow them on Instagam @griffinbarla to stay up to date with events like this.

Ty Segall is a leader in the lo-fi garage rock genre and has been making music for almost a decade. He’s played solo and in a bunch of different bands. This particular show he performed as Ty Segall & The Muggers. The band included Kyle Thomas the lead singer and guitarist from fellow psychedelic garage rock band King Tuff (another favorite band of mine). The Griffin is a really spacious bar, but man when they put on live music it is packed to gills in there. I walked over from doing trivia at Bigfoot, a bar up the street, and could hear Ty Segall’s music echoing down the street. Already at capacity, I had to wait in line. Luckily for only less than 10 minutes. Got in and squeezed in as close as I could. Truly asses to elbows in there. Even though I was about 5 feet away from Ty, it felt like a mile. I could only get embarrassingly dark blurry shots. But man, it was a electric in there. Playing a wide variety of tracks spanning his whole career.

A very blurry, pointing Ty Segall



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