La Sera, Springtime Carnivore, & TV Party @ The Bootleg Theater- 11/5/16

This was my 3rd time seeing my favorite band Springtime Carnivore play live! Bought these tickets for my brothers birthday since we’ve both been longtime Greta Morgan fans. I had never been to the Bootleg Theater before, but they have a great setup. Two stages, a cute little bar, lots of seating and standing room, great acoustics. First up on the set list was TV Party which consisted of Todd from La Sera, and the remaining band members from both La Sera and Springtime Carnivore. They had this awesome rockabilly sound but with a modern touch. Tried to see if they were selling an EP at the merch table but unfortunately they weren’t; going to keep my eyes peeled for them though! Next up was Springtime Carnivore playing music mostly from their new album “Midnight Room”, and also threw in some tunes from their first album. Katy (La Sera) then joined them on the stage to play a couple of their covers from their album together “Take It, It’s Yours.” We got to hear “Ever Fallen In Love” by the Buzzcocks and “Bastards of Young” by The Replacements. And then lastly we had our headliner, La Sera. Amazing performance! This was my first time seeing them live. Especially great because I got to hear my favorite song from them, “Losing To The Dark”. They also snuck in a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” which was a lovely added bonus. Although this was the last stop on their tour, it did not disappoint! Can’t wait till I inevitably see all of them live again.




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