KONG. @ The Troubadour- March 10, 2016

I discovered KONG. on a total whim. He was a friends neighbor, and I just so happened to be hanging out with said friend on the night of KONG’s single release party (which he was invited to). I tagged along to this bar I’ve never heard of on Santa Monica Blvd called the Dragonfly Club. KONG recorded their single “I Killed Kim Kardashian” live that night with the audience singing along, so technically I’m on the song! Since then, I followed along on social media and jumped at the c20160310_110707hance to see him live again. Met up with him to buy actual physical tickets (because that’s not a thing anymore) for their upcoming Troubadour show. The Troubadour is hands down my favorite venue in Los Angeles, any time one of my favorite bands plays there I have to go!

KONG is unbelievably talented. They’ve got the sax, upright bass, drums, keyboard and guitar. The sound can only be described as “jungle rock”; heavy blues with a twist. I’ve see him live 4 times now and I’ve got to say, his cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of  Fire” is my absolute favorite. Stay up to date with upcoming shows! It’s an unbeatable live experience. Listen to their music on their official website at www.KongSmashMusic.com.



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