Stickball @ The Viper Room- December 2, 2016

I’ve known the bassist for Stickball basically my entire life. I was still in diapers when his music career was in full swing so I of course jumped at the chance to see him perform live on stage. Stickball is a Los Angeles rock band formed in the late 90’s by founding members Gary Wolf (vocals, guitar), Bret Hambrick (bass), and Abby Ball (drums). Forming their sound from influences like Nirvana, Jawbreaker, Green Day and Superdrag, they’ve played every club in the LA scene from Silverlake to the heart of the Sunset strip… Spaceland, The Troubadour, The Viper Room and on. In 2000, Matt Collorafice joined as the new drummer. In 2001 Mike Smith joined as the lead guitarist. Adam Hamilton has played drums, guitar and bass in the band, and was the band’s resident producer throughout. In 2003 the band recorded a four song EP produced by Dweezil Zappa in the Frank Zappa studio. The newest members of Stickball are Steve Morton on rhythm & lead guitar, and TJ Stein on lead guitar.

I was lucky enough to help them with their online marketing to promote their show at The Viper Room a year or so ago. This time around I was just going purely for the music! Their drummer was moving out of California, so this was the last Stickball show, ever. The show they put on was electric. The energy was palpable. Hearing their odes to Los Angeles just reminds you how lucky we are to live in this city. 


After the show, we rounded up the troops for a private party at local LA bar St. Felix. Give the band a good send off! We all stayed till last call and eventually stumbled our way home.



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