Springtime Carnivore @ Dirty Laundry- November 15, 2016

As you can probably tell, Springtime Carnivore is one of my favorite bands and I got to see them live yet AGAIN. This was definitely a more intimate show, which I absolutely loved. Dirty Laundry is this hidden underground (literally) bar in Hollywood that draws more of a hipster crowd. What made this show great is that they played deep tracks not only from their new album “Midnight Room”, but also from their self titled first album. I got to hear my absolute 2 favorite songs from their first album which I had never heard live before. Greta also shared a quick anecdote about her song “Under The Spell”. Apparently she dreamt the melody and spent months trying to re-create it in real life. I belive she said it was a dream about Stevie Nicks.

Here’s my favorite song, “Other Side of the Boundary”, in its entirety below (totally not zoomed in, was just that close).

Hung out after the show close to the stage cause I wanted to snag their set list, but it was jusssssttt out of my reach. Luckily I have the greatest best friend who hopped up on staged, walked across it, and grabbed it for me. I mean you have to get some sort of merch when you have the shirts an albums already.




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